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Dairy Museum

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The dairy shrine is a museum building exhibit that places a spotlight on the local dairy industry. For many decades, Sanilac County was the leading milk-producing county in Michigan. In 2007, the county still had 19,500 dairy cows in residence. In July of 1970, the Sanilac County Historical Society, under the direction of society president and project manager, Norman Smith, dedicated the new dairy history exhibit to honor dairy farmers and the part that dairies played in the history of the county. The exhibit is housed in what was originally a chicken feed storage building on the museum grounds.

The little red building with the white windows is one of the few structures in the historic village that is original to the Loop family farm. It was moved in November of 2007 from its home site south of the mansion's west wing near the driveway. It is now tucked in between the general store and the carriage barn. The exhibit includes utensils and equipment used on dairy farms and in small dairy plants in the early days of the dairy industry.