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The Decker Log Barn

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This building is believed to be the oldest log structure in Sanilac County and possibly the oldest one left in the entire State of Michigan. The timbers used to build this structure predate the great fires of 1871 and 1881. They are so large that it only took sixteen pieces to build the walls of the entire building, four pieces on each of the four sides. The largest piece is ten inches wide, sixteen inces tall and thirty feet long. Some people believe the barn was first built by Charles Decker, the founder of Deckerville, but others believe that the barn had already been built before Decker came to the area in 1840.

The barn is a generous donation of the Richard Harter family, who lives on the same Range Line Rd. property that once belonged to Decker. Many area families have donated their time, money and talent to move the building here and re-assemble it.