Houndtown Cabin

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The Houndtown Log Cabin, made of chink and mortar, was built after the fire of 1881 and was first used as a home, later as a storage area and then a chicken coop. It was located in Burgitville (3 ½ miles east of Deckerville). Burgitville was also known as Houndtown because everyone had hound dogs.

This log cabin was moved from its original location on the Wesley Dean Farm to the Deckerville Museum in 1984.  The Museum was located on the  Harold and Joyce Reid property. In 2009 it was donated to the Sanilac County Historical Society and was moved just prior to the Deckerville Depot’s move onto the  Museum property.

It now contains the Historical Society’s Native American artifact collection.  The display is augmented with the collection of the Native Aboriginal Association (METIS) who also interpret the collection during the season. The METIS also construct a wigwam adjacent to the cabin during the season.