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Huckins Schoolhouse

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In 1847, a white clapboard schoolhouse was built on the Huckins family property near the southeast corner of Peck and Wildcat Roads in Lexington Township, Sanilac County.  The school housed eight grades of students in its one busy room for 100 years.  For many years the building also doubled as a church on Sundays.  At times the building was covered in brick and in 1905 a bell tower was added.  It was finally closed and shuttered in 1948.

When the old schoolhouse couldn't be repurposed for the Cros-Lex school system, it was sold to the Sanilac County Historical Society for one dollar.  Volunteer Rev. Paul Slivka spearheaded a fundraising drive to move the school to the museum grounds.  It was relocated in 1996.  Volunteer Don McGregor managed the restoration of the building.  The Huckins Schoolhouse was rededicated in 2002 with several of the school's final students on hand.  It remains the oldest standing school in Sanilac County.

The schoolhouse is furnished with typical school furnishings of the 1880's, including a pot-bellied stove.  Every year, hundreds of Sanilac County grade school children are now able to experience what it was like to learn one's lessons in a one-room schoolhouse.  The Huckins Schoolhouse is also available for rent for all manner of meetings, parties, and gatherings.